I’m loving everyone commentating at #UFC266 but it’s just not the same without @joerogan

If you’re a veteran currently attending college or a recent graduate you qualify for Student Veterans of America’s Leadership Institute. Apply this weekend and get a jump on your career: https://t.co/GcIbJviNkR

Job opening with Sheepdog Response in Cedar Park,Texas.

The best Chris helps trapped American Citizens and Afghan refugees. #starlord #isaidwhatisaid #saveourallies @prattprattpratt @TimKennedyMMA @ChadRobo @sarah_verardo

I’m a kid in a candy store here.
Check out @mewe

These early rolls back are not easy on the ego. I’m getting smashed by everyone in this room. #bjj #rolling

Hand speed is toilet. Power is coming back. Feels so good being able to move around a little bit. My foot work is still clumsy and my leg mobility is trash. Bouncing back from knee surgeries in your 40s is way different than your 20s and 30s (all of which I have done). Thanks @mendeas_ty for ...holding pads and @sapperson for opening @archetypeboxingclub. I’m gonna lump you up like Lomachenko.

There are lots of fakes and frauds now lurking about the #afghanistan rescue operations. “Operators” wanting to do James Bond shit on nonprofit money has grown to the size of the egos on these idiots. HALO into country. Scuba infil into a landlocked country… I’m done with these people. We ...need real help. We need real experts.
If you are wanting to help get people out give to a vetted group that has a PROVEN record.
If you are trying to work with us be prepared for the following:
-no anonymous names.
-no vague ambiguous backgrounds.
-submit DD214.
-all operations are synchronized through our JOC.
-all members have to be vetted through the same scrutiny.
-all CONOPS have to be approved via forward JOC.
-we work with DHS, FEMA, and DOS.
-all assets and capabilities for anyone rolled under SOA will be used in collaboration with all other operations.
@saveourallies has done more than all over NGO and Nonprofits combined. Everyone get on board and start helping out. There is no room for people trying to play at being a spy when real lives hang in the balance.

Green Beret sniper @TimKennedyMMA delivers a powerful message to Afghanistan veterans and the families of our fallen heroes questioning whether or not their sacrifices were worth it.