Commander in Chief Wannabes: 3 Round Burst

By March 17, 2016Politics

I’m gonna start sounding off about some of the crap I see in the world around me. But don’t worry, unlike my cardio, I’m not long-winded when it comes to writing.
Tight, controlled, three-round bursts. And they’re all on target.
This week, just a few thoughts about all these yahoos running for president.

  • What’s the main job of the President of the United States? That’s right—Commander in Chief of the utmost badass military on the planet. They are entrusted with being the supreme authority over the most lethal killing machines the world has ever seen. Our elite warfighters have capabilities only dreamed of a generation ago, and it’s now common for an average Soldier or Marine to have well over $1 million in training invested into them.
  • Despite all their talk about going to war here or there (and every-fucking-where), none of the current Presidential candidates spent any time in our Nation’s military. Hell, they never even made it to Basic Training or Boot Camp. There’s a lot of drum-beating and chest-thumping going from a group of people who never loaded up a rifle, put on boots, and humped a ruck. One of them even got an ambassador killed—and then lied about it!
  • Don’t you think, just maybe, this is really pretty stupid? When I hear most of them talk I feel like they would be pretty excited about volunteering others to fight in God-knows-what-country and that every piece of land in the world should have my uniformed brothers and sisters fighting in it. Isn’t it time we had someone who knows what it’s like to get muddy and bloody leading this show?